Weebly is my new favorite “block builder” website creation tool.   Creating a basic website is quick and easy.  Adding a MySLP based locator is no different.    The process is very easy for anyone that can use a web browser.

Create Your MySLP Account

Sign up for your MySLP service. Any level of service will work including the low-cost Advanced level.

Add A Location or Ten

After you have created your MySLP account go ahead and add at least one location.     Once you have the locations added you will be able to deploy your locator.

Copy The MySLP Embed Code

Click on Generate Embed on the top right of the page.   When he page loads look for the “Copy To Clipboard” button to grab the script you will need to add to Weebly.

Sign Up For Weebly

A free account will do.   To start you you won’t need any extra service so you can say no to “sell stuff online” and similar questions.   When you finish the process of picking your site name and theme you should see the Weebly Editor.

Add A Page At Weebly

On the top of the site editor click on Page and then select “Add Page” on the left sidebar.    Give it a useful name like “Locations”.

Add Your Embed Block

Click on Build on the top of the page.  You should see a new list of page elements on the left side of the page.   Click on the Embed Code element and drag it out to the box that says “Drag Elements Here”.

Add Your MySLP Code

On the new Embed element click on it to add your custom HTML.  Click the Custom HTML button to edit the HTML.  Paste the code you copied from MySLP.

Publish The Site

On the top right of the page click Publish.

Visit The Site

When the page is published you will be shown a pop-up box with your site URL.   It will be a URL like our  best-sc-ice-cream.weebly.com example.  If you click that you will be brought to your site.   Look for “Locations” on your menu for your site.   Your new locations page with MySLP locations should magically appear.



Told you it was easy.