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Address autocomplete is a feature available on the Store Locator Plus® Professional and Enterprise plans.   This feature connects the location address search to your list of locations to suggest a list of matching zip or postal codes.   This feature helps guide your site visitors toward selecting a zip or postal code where you have an existing location.

address autocomplete
The address autocomplete feature will suggest zip codes to your visitors.

Store Locator Plus® 2209.06 Release Notes

It was recently discovered that this feature was not always functioning correctly. For our SaaS users the feature went offline after new security updates where put into place yesterday with the 2208.15 upgrade. For sites running the Store Locator Plus® for WordPress : Experience add-on, the feature has not been working for guests for the past few releases.

For our Store Locator Plus® SaaS users the functionality has been fully restored.

If you are using the Store Locator Plus® for WordPress plugins you’ll need to download and install the updated Store Locator Plus® for WordPress : Experience add on. This requires the latest Store Locator Plus® base plugin which also requires that your site is running WordPress version 5.8 or newer.