If you have recently ported a WordPress site from another server or from a staging site to a production site and the address lookup in Store Locator Plus is failing — you may have an incomplete port. There are a few simple ways to tell that the WordPress configuration is incorrect. This video for our WordPress folks will help you determine if your “ported configuration” is the culprit.

Thankfully our MySLP users never have to deal with this sort of issue — but for our WordPress users that may have an incorrectly ported site, watch this:

Finding The Issue

When you are viewing the page where you have installed your Store Locator Plus® map, open your browser’s Developer Tools window. In the video I am using Chrome, if you want to follow along. Switch to the network tab. Now type in an address in the map address input box.

You should see a new network connection named for the address you typed in — 29464 in the video.

Look at the URL. In my video it is http://test.storelocatorplus.com/wp-json/store-locator-plus/v2/geocode/d22011a85e17f3cf4474a78adfd8bf2d/us/29464

I open that link in a new tab by right-clicking the entry in the Chrome network issue.

I should be able to replace the /wp-json/… part (all the want to the end of the URL) with /wp-admin/ and login to my WordPress site.

For example:

If I do not get the login screen, for example it redirects to my home page, then something is wrong. The likely culprit is that the site was ported without changing the site_url option in the wp_options table.

The address that comes back by replacing the /wp-json/… part with /wp-admin/ is the place where you should be logging in to WordPress to update your plugins, edit content, and all the other WordPress admin stuff. It is perfectly fine to be in a subdirectory of a site like http://test.storelocatorplus.com/blog/wp-admin/ IF that is where your full WordPress install lives. For example, a site where only the blog is managed by WordPress but the main site is static HTML or some other CMS that handles the corporate web presence.

Need help porting sites?

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Tired of dealing with porting issues?

Try MySLP — where porting your site and forgetting to manage ALL those wp_options does not break your maps.