Thank you for contacting Store Locator Plus®.   If you have questions on how to get location maps on your website you’ve come to the right place.

Support emails can take 3-5 business days to get a response.  Providing a link to your locator page as well as your plugin or profile information speeds up the process for everyone.

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My Store Locator Plus®, our SaaS service, is a managed service works on all website and mobile platforms for a low monthly fee.

Our WordPress plugins are the “buy it, own it, and manage it” option for WordPress sites.  If you have a WordPress site and see Store Locator Plus® in your admin menu, visit our WordPress store to view your past orders.


My Store Locator Plus® support is handled via email with a one-business day response time.

Store Locator Plus® Documentation has How To articles.

Store Locator Plus® News has the latest news and release notes.

WordPress plugin support is via the support forums.

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WordPress plugin users MUST PROVIDE THE URL to your locator page as well as your WPSLP Environment.   If you do not provide BOTH items we will not have the information we need to be able to help you.

MySLP users only need to provide the required fields.  The plugin environment and deployment URL is not needed.

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