Directory Listings By State

Clients of the Store Locator Plus® SaaS offering have a new feature available to them — State Directory Listings of their locations.  Any account that is on the Professional or Enterprise level of service has this new feature available immediately.    It is our first iteration with more refinements and extensions planned in the coming months.

If you are already on the Professional or Enterprise level of service you can read the detailed instructions on how to display a list of states and get started today.

State Directory Listing
A simple JavaScript embed will show a list of states where you have a presence.

By adding the data-presentation=’directory’ attribute to a standard MySLP embed, the output changes from a standard location search and map to the state listing shown above.    When your customers click on a state the location list is displayed showing all of your locations within that state.

Location Listing For The State

Directory Listings By State

The directory listings by state is a great way to provide a simplified interface for your customers.     Without drawing a Google Map, your customer’s browser has less work to do and will render the list of locations faster than the default map-based presentation.

You can also mix-and-match your JavaScript embed codes, using the directory presentation style on some pages while retaining the standard map display on a “Our Local Stores” page.

Give Us Your Input

Like this feature but want more from your MySLP service?   Let us know via the Contact Us form and we will add it to our updates list.

Some of the updates we are researching include country directories, city directories, and an easier way to get your Directory OR Map-based embed codes from the Store Locator Plus® admin interface.