Our Store Locator Plus® 5.0 WordPress plugin is out today with some notable changes.   

What Store Locator Plus 5 does have is an improved map rendering process that reduces geocoding requests.    Since Google switched over to a 100% pay-as-you-go system for EVERYONE , no “free map views or geocoding” even for long-time users, we decided to focus on helping users reduce their monthly Google fees.     WPSLP 5 is the first release to work towards that goal.

With this release installed most users will see a 25-40% reduction in Google Geocoding requests.    In releases before WPSLP 5 every map view came with a geocoding request attached to center the map.   In version 5 this extra geocoding requests is skipped as long as your Center Map At (Settings | Map | Center Map At) is set and is showing a latitude and longitude underneath.

Store Locator Plus® Center Map
Center Map setting with latitude and longitude.

WordPress Blocks?

No, it does not have WordPress 5 blocks.   We are waiting for WordPress 5 to prove itself as being stable before we get on that bandwagon. 

What about My Store Locator Plus®?

Our MySLP users never have to worry about Google API licenses and how much they cost.  We take care of those fees, they are included in the monthly subscription.   So while your embedded map is already running the Store Locator Plus® 5 software, you never had to worry about this sort of thing in the first place.

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