Store Locator Plus for WordPress requires the user of the plug-in to obtain their own Google Map API key as described in our Getting Started Guide.  

Google has revamped its Google Maps API developer platform. With the changes to the way Google is handling the API keys, this may be a good time to rethink the overall management of your location services.  The MySLP SaaS platform takes care of all that for you.  You only need  to  embed the JavaScript code that MySLP provides when you sign up.

Previous Guidance from Google

In 2016 Google announced changes that required all new domains to obtain an API key to use the Google Map, Geocoding, or Geolocation services.  At that time they announced all sites who were up and running prior to June 22 , 2016 were grandfathered  and wouldn’t need a key.  Next, Google announced Location Aware functionality would only be available to sites that were secure i.e. HTTPS.   As a result ,  many site administrators in the community  updated or migrated their protocol from HTTP to HTTPS.  Not an easy undertaking.

Current Requirements

Fast forward to the date  June 11, 2018.  Announcements have been made by Google (see FAQ  and Google Map APIS Terms of Service ) specifying , ALL sites  will now require not only a valid API key regardless of whether you have a new domain or one that is years old.  In addition, a billing account must be associated with the API key and the methodology of calculating quotas will change. The below synopsis is a guide. Please review the information in the links for details as they apply to you.

This article  updated 06/01/2018

Please note, if you are obtaining a new Google MAP API key, do NOT add restrictions to your referrers UNLESS you update to version 4.9.15.  Earlier versions  (prior to 4.9.15) of  SLP did not allow for restrictions because you need two keys if you add restrictions.  (See news feed from May 30 for release 4.9.15.)

If you already have an API key

  1. Visit the Google Existing Users Guide and click on the Transition Tool
  2. You will be prompted to enter your user account information. (The email account you used when you opened your Project to obtain your API key.)
  3. The Google Maps Platform will show you the Projects and Status with an Add Billing ButtonTo understand your current usage, set up billing alerts and more, visit the new Google Cloud Platform Console

At this stage, if you click on the link titled “Google Cloud Platform Console” while in your account you will see the data usage history for your account . The screenshot provided below is for a new Test Project API that has not been deployed, therefore there will be no data displayed.


Tired of The Google Game?

Let use take care of the API keys, licenses, and billing.    My Store Locator Plus® is a fully managed service with most of the features found in our WordPress plugins.

Click a box below to select a plan and stop worrying about what Google is going to do next.

WordPress Store Locator Plus® Community

WordPress Store Locator Plus users (including Premier members) must update their Google Projects / Map API key and add a billing account as of June 11, 2018.  Your billing information will NOT be passed on to the Store Locator Plus team.

My Store Locator Plus® Users

MySLP Subscribers will not need to take any action  since we manage that service for you.   To ensure you receive timely information please subscribe to the News feed.   Questions should be posted in the WPSLP forums.