map attributes - a global map with markers
a global map with markers

Store Locator Plus 4.9.7 “map attributes” update was released today for our WordPress users. The update is still in testing for MySLP users — some of the patches in this release are a direct result of the testing before integrating into our managed service. The updated release will be on the MySLP platform soon but will have limited impact on those users.

More shortcode map attributes for WordPress users

The [slplus] processor in the core plugin has been updated to allow more map attributes to be set.  This update allows ALL options that have been migrated to the new Smart Options architecture (80% of all SLP settings at this point) to be used as an attribute. This greatly improves the ability to create custom maps on a per-page basis with settings that vary from the general “system wide” settings that come from the Store Locator Plus > Settings tab.

You can find the current list of supported attributes here:

Keep in mind that some map attributes require the Experience, Power, or Premier add on to be functional.

Other locator plugin patches in 4.9.7

We’ve not listed the different patches in a while, so here is a summary for those that haven’t delved into the details listed on the plugin itself.


* IMPROVED added dozens of new [slplus shortcode options](
* PATCHED remember settings during upgrades for legacy options that converted to the new Smart Options interface.
* PATCHED center map at fallback.


* PATCHED multisite license validation for Premier members.


* PATCHED loading of userinterface JavaScript for Experience and other add ons.


* IMPROVED add on update notifications. Checks for premium add on updates whenever the base plugin (this plugin) is updated regardless of WordPress directory service failures or timeouts.
* IMPROVED add on update notifications. Checks for premium add on updates if an add on is being deactivated due to version compatibility issues without waiting for the standard WordPress update queue.
* IMPROVED map marker rendering on mixed-protocol (http and https) sites. If your site is https but your markers are http from the SAME SITE it not auto-corrects this incorrect setting so your markers “magically appear”.
* IMPROVED manage locations interface uses direct output to limit PHP string memory overruns.
* IMPROVED style gallery option management for checkbox settings.
* IMPROVED performance on loading locations for things like Locations > List and Locations > Delete Apply To All.
* IMPROVED quick save feature that immediately saves settings, used on Power Import tab. Now fades out/in setting while being saved.
* IMPROVED WPML compatibility with language files being loaded in the wp ‘init’ call.
* IMPROVED WPML compatibility with an updated wpml-config.xml file.
* PATCHED Power location sensor being set on with various combinations of options being enabled.
* CHANGED All translation files must come from [Translate.WordPress.Org]( and live in wp-content/languages/plugins/store-locator-le/.
* CHANGED Legacy Enhanced Map scrollwheel, mapTypeControl, and scaleControl options are not longer supported. Upgrade to the [Experience Add On](