Store Locator Plus® has a new release coming soon that adds some new features to the product offering.    The new 5.3 release builds on the current Results Layout formatting by adding a new ifnotset attribute to the [slp_location] shortcodes.    This allows user to display location data or option values by using either the “ifset” or “ifnotset” logic.

Display Phone Number If Set, Otherwise Display Fax Number

In this example, the results layout will show users the location phone number when that field has data in it.   If the phone number is not set it will render the fax field.    This goes in the Store Locator Plus® | Settings | Results | Results Layout setting.

<div class="slp_phone">[slp_location phone ifset="data.sl_phone"][slp_location fax ifnotset="data.sl_phone"]</div>


Other Uses

The [slp_option] shortcode has been modified in 5.3 to also allow for use of the ifset and ifnotset attributes.   For example, display the Results Box Title setting value if the phone is not set:

[slp_option results_box_title ifnotset="data.sl_phone"]

Coming Soon

This new feature is coming soon to our SaaS and our self-managed WordPress plugins.

If you are on our SaaS product you will be able to start using the new feature soon, no updates required on your end — we’ll take care of the software upgrade along with the related maintenance tasks like pre-update backups and pre-production stability testing.

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