cloud server drives
Cloud server drives hosting a WordPress site backup.

We ALWAYS recommend our Store Locator Plus users backup their WordPress site on a regular basis.   Our go-to recommendation for WordPress site backup is Jetpack.   For an ridiculously affordable annual fee you get daily or real-teim backups of your WordPress site.    You also get point-in-time restore capabilities.

We recommend Jetpack because the plugin includes your WordPress site backup service plus a bunch of additional useful features.   If you go through the Jetpack plans you will have a central plugin with a dashboard to manage all the settings for spam (Akismet) and backup (Vaultpress) as well as extra features that make your site faster.

Buy The Professional Plan

If you have more than just a blog site, which most of our Store Locator Plus users do, we recommend the Professional plan for $150/year.

The key difference, in terms of backup, is that the Professional plan provides near-real-time backup.   Every time a visitor places an order on your site or makes a forum post it marks your site as needed a backup.  That backup will happen within an hour.   Any time ANYTHING changes on the site, you add a page or post or change settings on the site, this will happen.  With the other Jetpack plans the backup will run the next morning.    That leaves your site vulnerable for data loss for up to 24 hours should something go wrong.

You can also run backups at any time with a one-click “Back My Site Up Now” feature.   This is something we recommend ALL customers do any time they have paid for admin login support or are working on a project retainer with our Cyber Sprocket division.   It ensures we can restore the site to the moment just before we changed things, if necessary.

For less than $15/month your site is backed up frequently.

You also get a TON of extra features with Jetpack Professional that are excellent tools for professional sites.   Google Analytics and Sitemaps without the need for extra plugins.   Private unlimited video hosting OFF of YouTube if you don’t want other YouTube content appearing on your site videos.  CDN image and video hosting, basic SEO tools, malware scans, premium themes, and a bunch of other good stuff.

WordPress Site Backup Details

Real-time backups mean you can roll back to any backup point, which happens multiple times per day, such as the version of your site before you blindly clicked the “Update Anything And Everything On WordPress” without reading a single update notification (who has time for THAT?!).

WordPress site backup
Cloud server drives hosting WordPress site backup.

Before you have a need for the service you should get on board.   Install and activate Jetpack on your site and you can quickly recover from your hasty upgrade hangover.     Along the way you may even learn how easy it is to migrate your WordPress site to another provider or to a new staging site where you can actually TEST your updates before doing it on a live website.   We know, that’s just crazy talk but we can dream can’t we?

And , yes, we are now officially a WordPress affiliate so clicking the links above may earn us enough money to buy a couple of beers.   Whether or not you choose to use our affiliate links our recommendation is unwavering; ALWAYS have a recent site backup.   Our recommendation has always been Jetpack but you can choose any service you like; there are plenty of good services out there to not be using one.


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