My Store Locator Plus was updated over the weekend to update payment processing.   This does not affect billing on existing active accounts and is not related to the WordPress plugins.

Renewing Expired Accounts

For accounts that were canceled within 30 days, whether by choice or because a credit card payment could not be processed, the renew option is back online.

The option to renew a recently-expired accounts had been offline for the past 60 days due to a change in the programming interface at our payment processor.    With the changes to the interface all renewed MySLP subscriptions will have a new subscription number.  This will not impact your MySLP functionality but for those that keep track of transactions at Stripe (our payment processor) you will note two different subscriptions if you choose to renew your account.

Choosing Non-Paypal Billing

For the half-dozen MySLP users still on the PayPal payment processing system, you can now change to direct credit card billing.    Our non-PayPal accounts processed at Stripe have far fewer issues with renewals or when they need to change their credit card info.   You’ll also see direct billing from Store Locator Plus on your credit card statements instead of a generic PayPal entry on the memo line.

To switch processors login to the MySLP Dashboard, click on My Profile, and scroll down to the “Switch To Direct Card Billing” button.

This will ask you to enter your credit card info and will start billing your credit card for your MySLP subscription.

The process should cancel your PayPal subscription automatically, however continued programming interface issues with PayPal may prevent this for some accounts.   Check your PayPal account to make sure the subscription has been marked as canceled.    If you have time remaining on your PayPal subscription after making the switch please contact us and we will issue a pro-rated refund for the time remaining on the PayPal subscription when the direct billing takes over.

Your locations and settings will remain in place during the process.