store locator user experience

Improvements to the Store Locator User Experience were part of the Experience update. Version 4.8.3 was released today for Store Locator Plus ® WordPress Plugin users.   This patch has been automatically included for our SaaS customers.

The following items have been address as part of our focus on improving the Store Locator experience:

  • Fixed Append To Search pulling up old setting from prior Experience/Enhanced Search installs.
  • The sv_SE language files have been updated.
  • There is a minor performance boost when saving settings on admin panel.
  • [slplus no_autozoom=”true|false”] is a new shortcode attribute.
  • [slplus no_homeicon_at_start=”true|false”] is a new shortcode attribute.
  • [slplus starting_image=”URL”] is a new shortcode attribute.
store locator user experience

Read the [slplus] shortcode documentation page for more information on these new shortcode attributes introduced in Experience 4.8.3.

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