After an issue was reported when updating to SLP 4.9.1, the support received was interactive so that we could progress effectively towards the solution.

The SLP team appears to appreciate customers who identify issues and who want to work together to improve the product.

Toon Gerritsen

I keep using it, because of the very rich feature-set and decent support. I haven’t found a competing plugin yet.


Great plugin. Has a lot of features right out of the box. Could do what I needed and found the options to set things up the way I wanted.

James Monroe

Building a new service for listing places to eat near AirBNB. Tried a lot of other locator plugins that had problems or had limited initial features. Many wanted me to buy support to get basic questions answered. The basic product has been working great and support has been quick to respond.


This is a really excellent plugin that works exactly as advertised, with premium add-ons that extend the functionality depending on exactly how robust and granular you are looking to get. I had a minor issue with one version and support was friendly, fast, detailed, and thorough. This is one of those plugins you want to pay for or extend just because of how easy and well it works for the purpose it’s intended for.

Vinnie Narducci

Love the SLP plug-in. You load it and it just works. Should you need support with the product, Cici is there to help. Not only does she provide you with a solution to your issue but she also takes the time to educate you on troubleshooting. I would recommend this plug-in to others.