Proper styling of your store locator is one of the key components in creating a solid user experience on your site. All of the Store Locator Plus® offerings include access to our pre-defined library of CSS styles.

Clients that are using the Professional or Enterprise level of service also get the added advantage of advanced page structure layouts. The page structure are changes to the underlying HTML that is output on the page, providing the skeleton for the locator layout. Moving the search results to the left or right side of the map instead of below it, for example. While you can accomplish this with CSS rules alone, it takes a lot more CSS customization if the underlying HTML structure is pushing a significantly different layout.

Getting Started

Start by selecting a pre-defined setup from our style library. This will change the layout settings and apply the base CSS rules to provide a new layout for your site. Refine the store locator styling by tweaking the built-in CSS rules with the Custom CSS interface so the fonts and colors better match the rest of your site.

Example Store Locator Styling

In the example video presented here, we continue our MySLP Weebly example for the South Carolina Ice Cream Quest 2017 site has been posted.   You can follow along with the sister article on the our SLP Documentation site.     The content is also applicable to WordPress plugin users that have the Experience add on.

Let Us Worry About The Software

For a low monthly fee we will handle all of the locator software updates, system backups, and security of your location data.