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Our clients have done some pretty interesting things with our mapping software.    While many have employed our WordPress plugins to build a highly customized interactive solution, others have opted for the SaaS version of Store Locator Plus®.    As we continue to extend the features of the SaaS service, more-and-more customers are opting for the reduced overhead and Google Maps fees in exchange for a low monthly fee.    It is easier to budget and to deploy quality maps.

Who Uses Our Mapping Software?

Companies like Akamai Innovations are using it to drive their medical marketing directories.  You’ll find it on their HCG Doctors Locator® — a service that uses hormone therapy to help with weight loss.   It appears on the Akamai IV Therapy Locator®, a nutrient therapy specialist directory.

Store Locator Plus® Mapping Software
Store Locator Plus® Mapping Software

Many food and beverage companies are using our mapping software solutions as well.   You’ll find all the places where Blue Bell Creamery sells their delicious ice cream.  You can also locate the retail outlets that are selling the fine spirits of Axe and the Oak Distillery.   Or find a place near you that sells Purity Organic juices.

How Will You Use Store Locator Plus®?

The list above is a brief overview of the types of things people are building with Store Locator Plus®.   With over 15,000 active sites using the WordPress or SaaS version of our mapping software we’ve seen plenty of creative uses.    Food banks, airport destinations, wholesale supplies, distributors, medial directories, and more.

Let Us Handle The Map Fees

Anyone that has been using Google Maps over the past few years knows they changed their free API model.   You now need a credit card on file with Google just to get started building your maps.    Then you quickly learn that in order to build the map your client needs, you’re going to have to learn JavaScript.     A month into the project you find there are a bazillion options you didn’t know about — all needed to dial in the features you to create the perfect user experience.

Then you realize that you could have saved a lot of time and money by using Store Locator Plus® mapping software instead.

Or you can just start there today…