Wix Store Locator Plus® for Wix Websites with Map Locations and Directory Builder

Embedding the Wix Store Locator Plus® plugin into your Wix website has never been easier! Create maps with Wix Store Locator Plus® including: Wix Interactive Maps, Wix Store Locator Maps with Multiple Locations, build powerful directory websites on Wix and MORE!

Wix Store Locator Plus® can be used a variety of ways to enhance and expand the abilities of your Wix website by adding a variety of features in an easy to use plugin for Weebly sites.

Wix Store Locator Plus® is the next generation of Wix directory builder and location management technology. This fully managed SaaS service now brings Wix websites into the location-based directory building realm and Wix Store Locator has now made this technology available to all Wix users.

Wix Store Locator Plus® is easy to use and customizable to fit your needs.

Features of Wix Store Locator Plus ®

  • 125- to 15,000 locations
  • Unlimited Map Views
  • Unlimited Categories
  • GPS Location Sensor
  • CSV import and export
  • Full control over search form and results layout
  • Map color scheme and element styling
  • Feature locations
  • Scheduled CSV Imports
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Territories
  • Cluster Map Markers

Add Wix Store Locator Plus® to create beautiful maps, list locations or to build a powerful directory using your Wix website.