If you are in North America you may be asking where is Toronto, Ontario. Depending whom you ask, the answer can be slightly different. It turns out that asking Google Maps Canada yields a different answer than if you pose the same question via Google Maps API.

We’ve touched on this disparity in a prior post about Google Maps returning inaccurate results. Today we’ll discuss a specific example for Toronto, Ontario.

And if you are wondering — our vote is that Toronto, Ontario is at

43.65320000 , -79.38320000

Where Is Toronto, Ontario? 43.65320000 , -79.38320000

Google Maps Canada : Toronto, Ontario

If someone were to go to Google Maps Canada and type in “Toronto, Ontario” they’d get a map that outlines the city. Inspecting the URL you’ll find that is places the map center at 43.577482, -79.774527. Close, but that is actually the suburb of Mississauga.

Google Maps API: Toronto, Ontario

If you ask Google via their Maps API interface you’ll get a different answer. With the region set to Canada you get 43.737238, -79.492276. Again, close — even closer (which is unusual) than Google Maps Canada, but not right. This is in the suburb of York.

MySLP Data Services: Toronto, Ontario

For our MySLP users that are setting their region to the United States or Canada in their map settings, they’ll get what we feel is the better answer. For those users we return the proper city center at 43.65320000 , -79.38320000.

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