If you are using the WordPress plugins for Store Locator Plus® you will need to manage your Google API keys on your own.   

Thankfully our MySLP SaaS service users don’t have to deal with this nonsense, a benefit of having us manage the locator software for them.  MySLP users login to their MySLP account, manage locations and map settings, and when they are ready copy the “generate Embed” code and past it into any page, post, or widget on their WordPress site — no plugins needed.

If you are using My Store Locator Plus® pat yourself on the back and take an extra 5 at coffee break today. You don’t need to read this article.

Google API Key Setup

If you elected to go with the “we can do it ourselves” option by using the WordPress plugin you’re going to need an API key for Store Locator Plus® to work on your website.  You need to:

  • Go to the Google Maps Platform site
  • Get Started
  • Check off Maps and Places
  • If you do not have a Google account they’ll make you create one
  • Setup a billing account with Google
  • Add your credit card information
  • Copy the API key they gave you
Google Maps API Key
The Google Maps Cloud Platform API — Getting Started

What NOT To Do At Google

The most basic setup will use a SINGLE API KEY from Google to manage both the rendering of your map and the Geocoding of locations.   With the basic setup DO NOT add any kind of restrictions to your API key.

Do not add an IP restriction.

Do not add an HTTP referrer restriction.

Store Locator Plus® Setup

Now login to your WordPress site as a site admin.

  • Go to Store Locator Plus® | General | Server
  • Paste that API key into the Google Browser Key field
  • Click Save

Testing Your API Key

The easiest way to test your API key is working for BOTH the map and the geocoding is to change your Center Map At setting in Store Locator Plus®.

Go to Store Locator Plus® | Settings | Map

Look at the latitude and longitude numbers.  Write them down if you cannot remember them.

Now change the Center Map At address and save.

The latitude and longitude should change.   If it does not you have a problem.   

The Test Failed

The possible issues:

  • You did not copy your API key from Google properly and save it under General | Server | Google Browser Key : go back to Google, copy the API key, paste it in the SLP browser key field and save it
  • You added restrictions to your API key : go back to Google and turn off those restrictions
  • Your web server where WordPress is hosted is blocking communication with Google : talk to your web hosting provider

But Google Says…

Yes, Google says to add restrictions to your key.

 If you add restrictions you must know how to set them up, ensure your web server where you are hosting WordPress is configured to talk to Google (some web hosts block this because, well, they don’t really understand security), and know a little about how Internet communications work.

We can help you with that too, but not in this article.   

This is our “quick and dirty” getting started post.

MySLP Sign Up

Tired of dealing with Google?